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Palvi Rajput

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Palvi Rajput

Romance Others

Finding Peace With Tears

Finding Peace With Tears

4 mins

Broken things can never be the same.....

Some wounds look permanent. We dwell in past,think of the things that didn't go the way we wanted them to, and wish we could go in the past and change them. We carry this "KAASH" on our shoulders as a heavy burden clearly aware of the fact that this is something impossible. But the heart is devoid of brain!!! and alas! It has no whereabouts with practical thinking. I wish it had. Coz if it had, we would have had Majnu not becoming mad after Laila, Heer and Ranjha not cutting off their lives for LOVE and everybody would have realized that love is nothing but a deep well of pain. The pain of love, pain of separation, pain of unsatisfied expectations. It is so ironic that the memories which were once a priceless treasure become painful past, remembering which puts your tear gland onto work.

Past is something which brought a smile on our face when once it was present and tears when it had actually gone and become past. 

I wonder how love has its different definitions for different people. Love is life, happiness, heaven, and an emotion which can do wonders and make you feel alive, for the ones who are lucky enough to have their hands tightly clinched into their mate's. They can find deep ocean their eyes( since they are blessed to have them and can look into their eyes). But what is love to a one-sided lover, what is love to a broken lover..... 

A constant shock equivalent to what a mad person gets during his treatment. His/Her past acting as the shock waver and memories holding him tightly, staring at the pain. 

Time is indeed the biggest healer but wait do we want to get our treatment done????

No matter how much pain a lover is, the person will never ask a release. For that person, the biggest tranqulizer to his/her pain is the pain itself. Strange though!!! Yeah, I know.

A true lover is always grateful to God for at least having the memories no matter how pincing they will prove to be. 

Love is loving someone unconditionally. When you expect something in return even if its love, then it accounts to making a deal.  

Love is life when you live for your lovers life, without expecting anything, not even his glimpse. When you attain that freedom, you realise that his memories are your priceless treasure and that memories will become a reason for your smile and your life, your success, and your growth.

Pain will overpower your love if you start asking why did he do this to me???? Or why I was made a bait to all this??? 

If you are broken and your heart accepts that your chosen one was wrong, forgive yourself and apologise to your heart for letting it break and cry. Cry your heart out once but then smile and move on. Not in terms of finding another but move on to find peace. The best way to get out of pain in love is to feel that everything was destined to happen, forgive yourself and the other person and connect yourself with the creator. Healing is not a one day process. It will definitely take time. Your memories will shout and will order you to cry, to fill yourself with pain, but it rests on you whether you want to regret the past or want to smile with those tears and thank God for whatever that pain gave you. Find peace with pain rather than continuously cursing others and calling them the reason for your pain. Gradually you will heal and rise. Rise from your own expectations.

It's okay to cry

It's okay to be weak

But something which is not okay 

Is to dwell in your past and continuously feel pain 

Something which is not okay

Is to let that one person control you

Something which is not okay 

Is to hurt yourself when you know it will not help you in any way.

Free your heart and your mind,

Let your soul feel that the creator is healing you.

Love is not just togetherness

Sometimes separation defines love.

For me love and pain are synonyms

And so are contentment and tears of love.

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