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-Falguni -

Abstract Others


-Falguni -

Abstract Others



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Summer was here to stay  

The type of girl who's loyal 

Till the very end. 

She brings those little strange flowers and 

Makes a wreath for your head. 

She is clumsy 

She spills frothy milk on her skies 

And yet you call it beautiful. 

The sun is furious, 

Looking at this gorgeous mess she comes with. 

He burns bright in rage 

Turning breathing a painstaking effort 

Making it heavy as lead. 

Summer cries, she's hurt 

And goes to the attic 

She packs up her things like always 

And runs down the stairs 

She takes away the green she came with 

She fruits the willow fields 

That were once colorful and blaring 

Like the sirens in the wind. 

She's a rebel, the sun says as he leaves 

He follows her trails, his beloved child 

The one he loves so dearly. 

The deciduous whine,  

As they are ripped off their iridescent 

Their leaves turn to gold and they fall to the ground

Like pieces of glass all over. 

At a distance, on an old country road 

The bus halts for a passenger 

A girl walks down with ginger hair,

Freckles and earthy eyes 

That make everyone stare

She hums a song that makes you dance 

As she walks down the road with her bags 

With her midas touch, she turns to gold 

Everything that she tags. 

The southerly wind makes a stop 

To wink at her and make her stay 

The whole town is wondering 

And murmuring 

Whose wild child is this? 

She walks up to the fields and touches the yields 

Blessing them and giving them the strength 

To survive and serve others 

With a prosperous harvest  

She opens the doors and gets to the cabinet 

Where the people keep their gin and tonic 

She sits on the porch as the town gathers around 

Realizing who she finally is. 

An old man gets his ukelele and sings songs of her 

And she laughs and dances to his strings

While serving men and women alike. 

Spreading joy around like a wildfire 

She is like a gospel choir that everyone celebrates 

The one that makes you forget the bitter parting 

Of a girl named summer 

That the town once loved. 

The people are finally relieved 

As a cold wind blows a poem 

A summer lost, long gone 

Here comes our Autumn. 

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