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Reet Admuthe



Reet Admuthe


Eternal Love

Eternal Love

1 min 108 1 min 108

It's whirlwind of dark cloud and rain,

All are striving to be free of its cuffs,

Looks like the world has lost its charm

As everything is at a halt,

Caged in house, they say earth is healing again,

As the melodious singing of birds, we can hear.

After all, we are getting time to unwrap our hobbies,

Fun and laughter we had,

That all was going away in building

Our dreams and getting the perfect life,

By destroying and ignoring signs of Mother Earth,

Though you called this time as biological war/pandemic

But it's time to think about how animals spend their entire

Life in a cage and by flying in a polluted sky,

Nonetheless, she is the mother and can't remain angry on her children

She is rebuilding her eternal rhythms of love

We shall be back on our feet just have courage

The world will reopen her door with a blue sky full of hopes.

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