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Bharath Kumar



Bharath Kumar


End Pollution

End Pollution

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We are all running out of fresh air

All that is left is a gush of toxic air

We are controlled by a monster called pollution

It is buying us as though we are in auction

Are we finding any solution,

To get rid of its domination.

New diseases are popping out of nowhere

No one wants to get in touch with it, I swear

It never understands the word called care

It is hell-bent on the word called the tear

It wants to attack us with dare

And wants us to drown in its ocean of fear.

We shall all strive to keep our surroundings clean.

Our surroundings should always be filled with green

It is an opportunity to make the world evergreen.

Do not say, what does pollution mean?

We are going to put you in a polluted ocean

And it will be live telecasted on a TV screen.

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