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Payal Ruprella

Romance Action Fantasy


Payal Ruprella

Romance Action Fantasy



2 mins 134 2 mins 134

I'm walking in the rain on a full moon night.

A car stopped in front of me and there comes my man!

He's stepping towards me and my heart beat is loud, adrenaline is released!

Time stopped, the only sound I can hear is of splashing rain drops.

Now I can feel that "dhak dhak" even more.

We're rain drenched. 

He whispered something in my ears and that was "this universe wants our souls to be one!"

And my soul is elated that I didn't even say anything!

Seems he has again bewitched my body and soul!

I felt his hands on my cheeks, neck and when he came closer,

I ain't looking in his eyes and this is the moment he knew that when I do this, I feel cosy.

From neck to waist, I entirely felt him and now I think, the impulse has reached to my brain, my reflex was to hug him.

It was a tight grip, solely love is flowing in my blood vessels.

My nerves are bleeding making me to write through the words which I'm feeling!!

And next minute, he kissed me, his lips met mine, I can feel him shaking my body. 

This is the second when sound of rain even stopped, we're so close that I can hear him breathing!

No lust, pain nor consciousness,

This is above everything!

This is intimacy...

A feeling of togetherness!

And finally he held my face again and gave me a forehead (goodbye) kiss,

And stepped back towards his car and I'm back, there's this heavy rain and that car is passing infront of me.

Neither he's here nor am I alone on this path!

Yet my heart is pumping faster.

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