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Empty Hunger!

Empty Hunger!

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Looks empty when I see,

But its still a fridge......

It's a place where

leftover meal is reserved,

not for me I can consider......

When I'm hungry,

I sleep in the desire of savory,

don't feel hungry anymore,

It is the only despair,

because it looks empty,

When I see,

It's still a fridge.......

It has a lot to say,

when stomach makes sinking movements,

Yet everyone's fridge is same,

not mine......

Not the last resort it is,

Only the vacuum space it is,

Stay hungry stay asleep,

or unconcious may be,

Because your fridge is full,

not mine......

Poor ones starve to death,

Here I starve to sleep,

even when everything I have,

But the idea of food to be found is naive.

Because its just an empty fridge,

Only has a spark of light,

A spark that is insufficient for hunger,

The hunger which becomes anger!

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