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Ann Marie

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Ann Marie

Romance Inspirational Others

Dream of Tomorrow

Dream of Tomorrow

2 mins 227 2 mins 227

I dreamt of tomorrow

As I let go of yesterday

But today defeats me

My blood ran cold

As it becomes more 

Scary every where

No matter where you are

No mater your age

Or where you are from

You feel chased 

By what you cannot see

But feel the consequences 

Taking all precaution 

Not to be a statistic 

But still we never know

Wash your hands sanitize 

Practice social distancing 

Wear your mask 

Yet stil we find ourself 

Trapped in the pandemic 

Of this current time

If it haven't caught you yet

We never know how when who

But surly it caught someone we know

Each day the numbers rise

As if we are playing the numbers game 

Of life and death 

Whose next whose next 

As we try to shy away

Yet so worrisome 

Depression is taking over

As the world pandemic 

Is like never before

One world everywhere

One land planet earth 

One pandemic the covid 19

Now crippled the world 

Economies crash

World of unemployment 

It's like a war of survival 

But we can't see the killer

Who will win this battle

A fight that is felt

Not seen nor heard

It sneaks up on you

It attacks your inside

Destroys you at its worst

Some survive many don't 

Now trapped in our own homes

We have lost our freedom

To roam the streets as we used to

Many are still not aware

Many take this for granted 

How much more must we bare

How much more life

Must we lose 

To wake up the the reality 

Mankind is being destroyed 

Right before our eyes

We still don't understand

This pandemic covid 19

The war between 

Life and the unknown

Covid 19 as they call it

Is making head way

We must protect ourself 

We must take no chances 

Life is to precious 

We must win this battle 

Together we can

We must each do our part

Don't be a statistic 

Covid 19 the pandemic 

Is still very strong

Now we're in 2021

When will this end

Only time will tell

For those who survive 

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