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Linnet Chahal

Drama Romance


Linnet Chahal

Drama Romance



1 min 218 1 min 218

From the deepest of her secrets

To the sweetest of her smiles

He fell for her each passing day

Let it be they were away...miles

He dreamt of her

Whether day or night

She always remained with him

Though she was out of his sight.

She occupied his every fantasy

She became his only delicacy

He saw her just once in that new year party

He fell for her smile

And her nature which showed she is hearty!

They never talked

Nor was she aware

That she was his only nightmare

He always promised to himself

"I'll always love her! I swear

One day he got a marriage proposal

He got all broke up

How could he accept someone else's arousal

But this is what GOD has decided

When he saw the girl's picture

His face got lighted

The wedding knots got tied 

She became his bride

His dream came true

After whatever he has been through.

This world is so tiny

This got proved by their destiny!

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