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The excitement is tangible

It winks at me, claps childishly

Jumps and makes my heart thump

Pulling me forward, "walk faster!"

I slip and trip but it doesn't matter.

A thousand thoughts storm inside my head

Daydreams, yes, while every step I put forth

Takes me closer to it, or say him.

After what felt like miles, I see—

My dreams personified, that you be.

A smile too wide painted across my face

I see it reflect on yours as well

(But it looks more beautiful, my love)

How your eyes glow, my face flushes

With color and joy, my heart rushes.

No force, no push, but we find ourselves

In the other's arms, how blissful

How ecstatic, "Don't leave," I say,

My arms around you clasp tighter,

In the seventh heaven, never felt lighter.

Our eyes meet, our lips do too,

We chase the wind, laugh out loud,

We chat on about this and that, 

A sudden tap on our shoulders, "Say goodbye"

Time deceived us again, a glance and a sigh.

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