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Abanti Pal



Abanti Pal


Come October!

Come October!

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Come October, breathe into my window,

With a wisp of coolness, come blow -

Away the mellowing leaves 'neath my garden;

Whilst I watch the skies in the sunset and the rain.

Do blow the crimson clouds away,

Off to the other end of the world; to a new day

Breeze them off with all my letters,

Where they voice with glee, free of fetters,

Chained thoughts that were caught in my mind,

Ageing, oh age, you bring wisdom sublime!

You show what is truly mine and all that could have been -

Are all wisps of smoke, with hollowness in between,

Far away dreams swirl off with the night, as days melt into more days,

Where the end never comes, never comes and where there are no more ways!

Now will the fall commence,

With yellowing leaves into the earth,

And all its flutters in the wind,

Will be but memories buried right from its birth.

The leaves will blow away and the night will darken,

All that was musical and merry, will finally subside into silence.

The soul will meet the sky and the form will return to earth,

Beautiful flowers will blossom the same soil will more birth,

So I need to go before I come again, reincarnate myself to re-glow...

Come October, my ageing October, come breathe into my window!!

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