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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Collection Of Poems

Collection Of Poems

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1.I'm done,

telling you how I feel,
letting you in
on my secrets
and my past.
You promised
to stay,
to make it right,
to make it last.
Heard me scream,
saw me cry,
a man so patient,
gentle and kind,
I thought you were the one,
for you let me speak my mind.
I emptied my heart
right out to you,
I believed you
when you said it'll be fine,
a man so gentle,
patient and kind,
I thought you were the one,
for you let me speak my mind.
And then I saw you
opening the door,
tiptoeing out,
hoping I won't hear,
praying I don't see.
And that day
I realised,
you wouldn't have made it right,
no one ever will,
till I don't love myself,
I'll ache and be broken still.


2.She's all of your confusion,

and she's your clearest decision
She's a colossal catastrophe, 
a pretty, pretty mess. 
She's a giggle at a funeral,
a love song in the air.
One look at her and you know, 
her chaos will be your constant,
her laughter, your antidote. 
You've been here before,
you've had your heart broken.
You've cried these very tears before,
but something about her,
makes you want to forget.
And so you take a deep breath,
as if to breathe her all in,
scared to exhale,
lest she be lost.
And then it hits you--
Like sand in a fist,
Some girls aren't meant to stay.
3.Knock knock.
My heart is pounding.
Knock knock.
I break into cold sweat.
Knock knock.
Look at myself in the mirror, trace my scars.
Knock knock.
I can feel your anger from outside the door coming right at me.
Knock knock.
I remember letting you in the first time.
Knock knock.
Regret it instantly.
Knock knock.
I remember shutting the door to your face the last time.
Knock knock.
Pick myself up from the floor, 
ready to do it again.
I look at you, smile a brave smile. 
You're furious, you're surprised, 
you're taken aback.
And before I have to shut the door,
you take a step back, 
now two, three, four.
And just like that, you're gone.
And just like that, I'm alright.
4.What if 
I told you I know now
that I was wrong? 
What if 
I sent you all the texts 
I write to you
but don't feel brave enough to send?
What would you do 
if I told you that
I miss your smile? 
I miss your touch? 
I miss you?
Would you let me back in?
Or would you shut the door
in my face, 
like I did in yours?
5.Little girl, stop trying. Stop fretting.
It's not something that you've done. 
And it's not something that you can mend.
Heck, it isn't something that needs mending.
Some people are wired differently. And if the boy you loved with all your heart isn't what you'd pictured him as, tough luck.
Step back. What they do now that they know isn't something you can change. 
It's not your move to make anymore. 
It's a tricky place to be in, nowhere, but it'll lead you to this wonderful place that I've been to before.
6.Through heartbreak 
and lies,
through scars 
and battles,
through memory lanes 
and forgotten alleys, 
through stolen kisses 
and unadulterated joy, 
through hopes of tomorrow
and dreams of tonight,
through endless doubt
and boundless courage,
through lack of faith
and thinly veiled cowardice,
through a love that scares
and a love that conquers,
I  hope we make it.
I hope we make it.
7.Does her skin feel like mine did?
Does her hair smell like mine used to?
Does she tell you all the tiny details about
her day? Do you tell her how your day was,
too? Do you two share a cigarette like we 
used to? Is she vanilla like me?
Or does she have enough tricks up her
sleeve to make you forget all about the
simplicity you once raved about?
Does she make you forget all about 
what we used to be? 
8.You've been gone for a while now,
but I can still hear your voice, crystal clear,
like you said 'I love you' only yesterday. 
I haven't seen you in ages, but I remember
every crease on your forehead, every
scar on your face, the curve of your lips.
It may have been so long ago, 
your heart might've forgotten me, 
but if you ever want to come back,
just know- 
That for you, my heart would go back
thousands of hours, in a matter of seconds,
and flood itself with memories of when 
we were all we needed. 
9.She'll love you 
When you're counting stars with her,
She'll love you 
When you're giving her hell.
She'll love you 
When you're loving her, 
She'll love you 
When your mind is elsewhere. 
And when you find a woman
Who loves you 
Even when you're hiding
Even when you're scared 
Even when you're unready 
Even when you don't, 
And you know she can tell- 
Then don't keep her,
Let her go.
For she deserves to be shown a time
Way better than you'll ever know.
10.I cried you a river, and then some more. I let you in on secrets I hadn't even told myself yet. I listened to you tell me about how you thought the world's a cruel place, but reminded you to keep that smile in place for the world will fall in as much love with it as I did. I opened my heart to you and you fit right in, only to leave me with a void I can't fill. You weren't the kinds who stay when they find a home, you were instead, the kind who made themselves at home wherever they went. You were the lesson you always told me about- Storms don't stay. They come, they wreck, they leave.
11.I'd stop and breathe, I would, but each 
time I do, my demons catch up with me- 
reminding me of the nights when you were 
too drunk to take no for an answer, 
or the mornings when 
you took my denial for playful permission. 
Of the questions and eyebrows that were 
raised when I finally walked out- and how the 
construct that we call society, made me want
to run and never stop, lest someone point
a finger at me again, call me names, responsible 
for my plight. I'd stop and breathe, I swear I 
would- if only the contemptuous eyes looked
away, and those insinuating fingers pointed
at the opposite side.
On cold winter nights
And bright sunny mornings, 
I think of you.
In conversations that run 
deeper than how are you 
and how was your day,
I miss you.
On the days when I'm 
down and out, and need
to find myself- I miss 
your hand, I miss your 
light, guiding me out, 
guiding me to safety.
And in the times when I 
do recall how beautiful 
life was with you, 
how you made my cracks
and crevices feel like art,
how you read poetry 
between my legs, 
and how you sang the 
kind of songs my heart
couldn't help but dance 
to- I realise, that maybe,
just maybe, you think 
about me and look for
my hand, when you
find a gorgeous sunset
to walk into, too.

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