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Ria Sharma

Romance Fantasy


Ria Sharma

Romance Fantasy

Coffee Evenings And Secrets

Coffee Evenings And Secrets

1 min 111 1 min 111

So I happened to come across this face

Which was not just a strange maze

But all happy smiles shining brighter

Than the fireflies and stories

Filled with colors all different

Just like those evening pretty skies.

There have been many cases

With temporary traces

Faces I exchanged numbers with

Or got some selfies clicked

But it's only you, I want to share

My coffees and cheesecakes with.

I've filled the pages of my diary

Screenshots stored in my gallery

Of conversations, we have had

And some confessions in my head

With songs playing in the background

Singing the messages that aren't said aloud.

Day by day as we come closer

Marking another beautiful chapter

Of our everyday life together

My heart starts to race faster

When I see you sitting in front of me

Sipping your cold chocolate coffee

Telling me your stories

And me capturing the moment

To write my next poetry.

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