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Nusrat Balur

Children Drama Others


Nusrat Balur

Children Drama Others

Being Your Mother

Being Your Mother

1 min

The twin rosy bands – A testimony of your presence,

A euphoria in heart leaving me in tears,

A wonderful reward from the Lord,

For bearing all the patience so hard!

What else could better show your existence?

Than the very first teeny heartbeat of yours,

A pure joy of a new life to engross,

Verily! With no boundaries across!

A gladness with you growing in me

Feeling the little punches and kicks

Something which none could defeat

Was the pleasure seeing your tiny hands and feet!

That anxiety for not seeing you

Turned a sigh of relief after hearing you

With two hearts pit-a-pat in a sole body,

A cherished marvel within itself to embody!

Those tiring times changed to an ecstasy,

Here’s your baby! When it was all heard,

For your first cry, your first time in my arms,

Each drop of tear rolling down thanks the Almighty!

With you beside day and night, holding your little finger,

Watching you cooing and playing

The little smile with cuteness loaded,

Nothing more can anyone ask instead!

Being a mother! A truly wonderful journey,

None can it be compared with,

Every mother is surely blessed,

Motherhood! What a beautiful thing to be possessed!

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