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Bharath Kumar



Bharath Kumar


Be A Warrior

Be A Warrior

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Don't get drawn into a commotion

No one is interested in giving you a promotion

If you allow them to betray you

They are going to kick you and corner you

Are you letting your courage to fade?

It is not the time to run and hide

Don the hat of a warrior

Break all the distracting barrier

It is not the time to remain quiet

Gather your guts and fight

Distracting thoughts are damn frivolous

Don't get trapped by a demon jealous

Don't let others use you as their bait

To enjoy your time, you need to patiently wait

When cruelty is spilled all around you

Use your intelligence to protect you

The journey is going to be a roller coaster ride

Get ready to face all dangerous tides

When anger tries to explode your mind

Open the light of your heart to control your mind

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