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Chandrima Ghosh



Chandrima Ghosh




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I longed for spending my life with you,

 When I never understood that my life was you.

I was blinded by success and fame,

Money and glory was all I craved;

Yet, I never did realize that your smile was my glory,

Your hope may lifter and your prayers my shield all this while.

I was fortunate to hold your hand,

And call you mine – to place my weary self on thine.

Yes, I was an egoist- a proud, selfish monster

But what‘s wrong with that?

Society mocked me, the world ridiculed me.

I was angered, burning with jealousy; my pride had been hurt,

So I avenged their wrongs on you, hurt you, pained you.

And you,

As always were ready to encompass me within you,

Until it was the very last…

 That pained smile and tearful eyes were all I could ever give you…

Yet you never did complain, bore my protest and wrath with patience. 

Today, when everyone has departed

After giving their condolences,

I am left alone…forever…

The cold gravestone between you and me …

Truly does the world says, “We never know the worth of water, till the well is dry”

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