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And She Walks...

And She Walks...

1 min 220 1 min 220

Waited waited waited!

But to no avail...

Stood no one by her side...

Had no one as her guide.

Of no use,

She was taken for granted..

Prove yourself without help,

From her, this was just wanted.

Tried here and there,

But nothing she got.

What is wrong with her luck,

She just thought.

Expectations from her own ones,

Had started breaking.

She felt,

All the smiles and love,

People were just faking.

With doubts in her mind,

She looked at everyone...

People had broken her badly...

Now she expected nothing from anyone.

But to achieve something

Was needed by her...

Not only own people

Her own luck also deceived her.

With no place for tears in her eyes

She filled them with her own dreams now...

Come what may, 

Just achieve the dreams,

Find out yourself how...

Today as well,

Without giving up in life

She keeps on walking..

And she just

Walks walks walks!

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