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Shree Vishesa



Shree Vishesa


Ancestors' Sylvan Shade

Ancestors' Sylvan Shade

1 min

Wait a while 

And behold.... 

His unwelcome interference 

In the Divine's holy Fair!  

The lovely vernal woods decaying 

Devastations in Nature's each glory,

So before, life sprouting with splendors 

And lasting breaths 

Pining for love in her lap!

Why does that affinity and affection,

Faith too fades away into dreary darkness

Man and machine clinging together

Clouds no more clapping overhead 

Boatman bewails,

Eve's offspring chocked and tranquilized 

Still mortgaging happiness 

With scorching sunshine 

Adding dry leaves,

Preparing own funeral pyre! 

Who will stop him,

To renew the philosophy 

To fountain the same faith of the mermaid

On the blue Mediterranean beach 

The hopping rabbit 

While racing with the yellow butterflies 

In the grove,

The little canary nested and cradled 

And the sweet southern breeze 

Lulling the tired eyelids of the peasants 

Just beneath his Ancestors' 

Cosy Sylvan Shade! 

Oh man!  

Not mere longing, learn to survive 

Enamel the deep greenery all around 

With dots of layered rainbows 

Sparkling in the vast sky,

Never tinted even in the distant horizon 

With crimson smiley looks on every petal 

Blooming and fragrancing the entire 

With hopes for a heaven 

'On this Beautiful Earth.' 

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