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Sasmita Jena



Sasmita Jena


An Ordeal In COVID-19 Ocean

An Ordeal In COVID-19 Ocean

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Unknowingly I went near COVID-19 ocean,

With my family on a vacation.

I was standing on the shore,

Suddenly the tide came with a roar.

It took me along into the ocean,

I couldn't do anything but swept away with its motion.

My family wanted to rescue me,

I warned them to stay away from me.

I was not alone inside the water,

There were thousands like me were also in danger.

Hundreds of lifeguards jumped inside to save us,

As if all of them were in a mad rush.

Though I knew how to swim,

Still surviving through the ordeal was like a dream.

I swam to a greater extent,

But the heavy currents stopped me after a certain point.

I felt breathless all the time,

The near-death experience was felt every time.

My family waited on the shore for me,

Patience and prayers were the only things left for me.

I was almost drowning inside,

But to my help, a lifeguard came beside.

After an hour's ordeal, I reached the shore safely,

I thanked the lifeguard whole heartedly.

Among thousands, few came alive,

Many drowned and could not survive.

I am really great full to almighty,

For saving me and my family from the vulnerability.

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