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An Ode to S P Balasubramaniam

An Ode to S P Balasubramaniam

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When a great human being dies,

A nation in tandem also cries.

When SPB, as he is fondly known, died.

We  together remembered him, and we also cried.

When he sang those melodious notes, that touched you,

You felt yourself floating towards a magical world of melody, it's true.

From a humble being who took the music world by storm,

Did not allow success to touch him, always remained calm.

Rising from humble beginnings, reaching great heights of fame.

In the world of melody made for himself a great name,

For great humans like SBP don't pass away,

They live in our memories every day.

The melodies and memories you left behind.

Will always be a part of our mind.

When your melodies now echo in our ears.

We will remember your melodious voice, and shed tears.

For now you are singing your melodies to your God.

You have come to me, I missed you, says our Lord.

Now, I can hear your melodies all day, you see 

For, now you are always staying with me.

In memory of a great and noble soul, and a

Great singer, I write,

Who dispelled our darkness with his songs, and brought light.

Whenever we speak of music or melody

In any portal.

S P Balasubramaniam will always be remembered as an immortal.

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