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An Ode To Our Friendship

An Ode To Our Friendship

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It was one of the typical Delhi mornings in the months of summer,

Two students talked for the first time without knowing anything about each other.

Both of them had the same aspirations but apparently different destinations...

Time passed and we got to know each other's strengths and weaknesses,

Diwali was round the corner and it was when we discovered one another's uniqueness.

Finally, the day had arrived which would test our months of preparation and hard work...

But unfortunately, Lady luck wasn't by our side and the exam left us both shattered.

But we stood strong and encouraged each other all along the way,

Somehow, it seemed believable when you said everything is gonna be okay.

Now, because we have chosen different paths, I know that our communication will be limited to a few,

But I can happily say that coming to Delhi was worth it, as it gave me a friend like you.

Just stay motivated and make your parents proud,

I sincerely believe that your hard work will bring you success which will shut down the criticizing crowd.

Thank you so much for everything,

I will miss you!

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