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Raihan Parag

Abstract Inspirational


Raihan Parag

Abstract Inspirational

Am I Light

Am I Light

1 min 35 1 min 35

Am I light or dispersed star

Scatter or straight to all earthly uneven

Whether the stray comet to unfollow

Chaos or chord to sundry upheavals

Mortal cry pebbles the enshrined path

Luminous moon guide where gleam

Wise that turn to sightless wanderer

Eternal furnace alloy even those flak

Whip of whims engage all beacons

Noble deeds decay, utterly numb

Trying our morale in the turbulence of time

Comforts or clutter of needs indefinite

Men walk towards golden or grey gates

Surrender in mounting rungs and ropes

Dreams shatters like lifeless dunes

Homeless sands beneath benevolent sun

Arrays of aim pierce like pungent arrows

Win or wane for fit to survive in moor world

Featherless souls in sheer free fall;

Can there be ceaseless outbound fountain?

That fearless and frisk in favors

Solo my spirit sway all silos earth bring

Let mind sleeps sight on alpine snow

The genial breeze to free and glow

Altar the heart with care to unrest

Torch of mankind ablaze with brave

Holy human share blessings that unbent

Wish the nourishing rain to furtile then flow

Generous greats render and row.

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