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trisha nidhi



trisha nidhi


Acceptance Of Truth

Acceptance Of Truth

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The stage of crisis,

Our emotions stay confounding

The grey clouds of apocalypse

Portraying our existence,

Tarnishing the dreams and plans

When unseen havoc planting seeds of terror.

Terror of death they are succumbing to

Those weary eyed cashless men,

The pessimism hovers from dew on leaves

To sunray on a new day's eve.

With rumours strolling on the road

Laying humps on the silence in man's abode.

Abode should we stay

With Mahatma's preaching at bay

Pull the curtain of your eyes

When misunderstandings rise

Close your ears by your palm

When message forwards snatch your calm.

Calm is the only lesson to learn

Use the trowel of your wisdom

To unroot the ferns. Every hatred

In society Will yield more of such virus

This sine quo is a disaster

But the future would be a havoc.

Havoc intensity could we ever imagine!

Yielding misleads as words

Would create graves on outskirts,

Following and preaching the wrong

Could worsen all that we made along

The smiles getting invisible in dusk of eclipse.

Eclipse shall lead to end of beat

Human race shall end without

A retreat. At least of now,

Till the soul rests at its home

Don't let the sight, speech and

Voice be a lie that aligns with your tomb.

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