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Barriers they are, though it seems absurd,

Complex tools, words that limit one’s world.

Dictionary is a draft, a book of words, to get wise,

Examples of usage and practice seldom suffice.

Figures of speech, said and sung,

Gibberish or slip of the tongue.

Hyperboles exaggerate,

Idioms and phrases are anything but straight.

Joy of watching a sunset,

Killed by the portrayal, never perfect.

Lost the essence in translation

Metaphors and similes, mere interpretation

Nuances of bursting emotions

Obscure when spoken.

Pregnant pauses and cliches

Quivering voice and eye twitches

Remotely comparable to the original,

Sunset captured in words, however visual

T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted,

Uninspiring and plotted.

Vocabulary, a range, a frame of reference,

World makes its own inference.

Xpressions breathing into silence,

Yonder they meander in sentences,

Zilch, they fail to convey pure experiences.

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