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Abortion Of Dreams

Abortion Of Dreams

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I'm living with fear,

With sensitive tinyear,

Some voices I can hear, Anxious though, Thoughts they share.

But I don't know what is life,

Good, bad or full of grief.

They said a lot of time,

Our son will be brilliant and fine.

So they don't want me, They hope, my masculinity.

If I was born as a gay, What the society will say?

My parents will be happy or not?

It's better to collapse the thoughts.

Before birth, they mourn, Doctor or Engineer parent's groan.

If I dream to farm,

It will cause them harm. They think, only about the status,

Yet I'm not born, drop that bogus.

I hear a voice near left, 'Come out son, we can't wait!'

I'm not a machine like you,

Not matured enough,

To dream like you.

Oh! they are happy today,

As my growing penis is on the way.

Still a child am I,

Can't they see?

I don't want to be born,

In your divided sea!

Parents, It's better to abort me now,

Aborting my dreams, will kill me anyhow.

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