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Lavanya Hs

Abstract Drama


Lavanya Hs

Abstract Drama



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She was bathed in her sweat. 

Her eyes drenched with tears with no roof to stop,

Words piercing her heartbreaking into million pieces wounding her soul with no heal. 

She was trapped in the darkness on a blaze of light.

Screams hitting her heart like an arrow ripping her soul apart.

Her world crumbled into pieces in a speed of light.

Hands pulled her from the blaze, saving her but pushing her into one to burn within. 

She was consumed by the pain like a poison spreading through her veins.

Screams filled the room like thunder but only silence surrounded her like death.

She was drowned in a huge sea of sadness making her breathless. 

She screamed for help, but no one could hear her. 

She screamed for hope, but no hope to venture her. 

She screamed for mercy, but no one to show her. 

Why was she punished?

She didn't know. She didn't know.

She was punished for a sin she never committed.

She was punished for a sin which is a blessing to this mankind. 

She was punished for being her...

For being a woman.... ....

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