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Shilpa Sekhar

Drama Romance


Shilpa Sekhar

Drama Romance

A Passionate Night!

A Passionate Night!

2 mins 312 2 mins 312

As you come home, battling the traffic in the city,

Waiting for you is a hot cup of tea.

As you finish it and begin to settle down,

My fingers massage your forehead, relaxing those frowns.

The tension in your shoulders begin to melt away,

Letting go of all the strains of the day.

Let's dim the light, let the music play,

As you hold me in your arms and begin to sway.

Mysteries of your eyes begin to unfurl,

As the ends of my lips begin to curl.

Holding me by my waist, my hair you grasp,

As you release my locks from the tiny clasp.

As the color of your eyes changes shades,

Like a sea at storm, my heart feels the waves.

You pull me closer into a liplock,

As the cuckoo strikes the hour in the clock.

Turning me around, on my neck you breathe,

I lose my senses and go weak in my knees. 

As the passion rises, so does the heat,

Clothes lay on the floor, piled up in a heap.

The warm blanket covers us from head to toe,

As we get busy with each other and begin to explore.

The cool wind around pushing us closer,

Lips sealed in a kiss and making the body shiver.

As you begin a trail of kisses, going down my spine,

Taking me to heaven, right through the cloud nine.

Your warm breath on my skin, makes me bite my lower lip,

Just the way my skin quivers at the touch of your fingertip.

My bosom does go high and low,

As the excitement in your eyes grow.

Holding you in a warm embrace,

I can't stop but look at your face.

As your eyes get cloudy with intensity,

I can feel you grow in my close proximity.

Unable to wait for any longer, you groan,

Guiding your hands to my wetness I moan.

As we both begin this passionate night,

I forget about the music and the dimmed light.

Moving in rhythm and matching the pace,

You blow away the flick of hair, spread across my face

Oblivion to the world as we become one,

Discovering the world of joy and passion.

Tired and spent, sweating under the sheets,

We wait for a moment before we go on repeat.

As we lay there asleep in each other's arms,

The moon casts a glow, highlighting the charm.

The silence of the night gets pierced with our ecstatic screams,

As they subside, we drift into the land of dreams.

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