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A letter to darkness

A letter to darkness

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Dear horrifying darkness,

I once disliked you so much

You made me howl

You didn't allow me to sleep.

I held Mom's dupatta whenever you arrived

You made me chant all those mantras grandma taught.

How badly I wanted you to vanish forever !

How badly I wished the brightness to last !

Yet, you seemed to adore me forever.

I wondered if you were an one-sided lover,

Who was deeply in love with this messed soul.

True love waits;

And you waited,

Waited for me to fall in love with you.

And now, nothing seems more perfect.

You're the one I want the most.

How did you do this?

How did you make me fall for you?

Hug me like you did when I hated you.

This night is so adorable,

Can't it last forever?

Is is necessary for it to leave ?

True love waits;

And I will wait for you to visit again.


Someone madly in love with you.


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