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Prashansa Chandekar

  Literary Colonel

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I have been soaked in your love, like the torrential rains drench the earth But all my heart asks...

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Footprints On My Heart

Romance Tragedy

The memories are very dear, And the love, quite plain and clear....

2    71 2

Autumn Of Life

Abstract Drama

My spirits were high and ambitions far fetched My soul was never content with the roof and the br...

4    345 2


Abstract Romance

Trees have shut their eyes; The Sea is calm; and at peace is the heaven above; Putting all of its...

3    36 1

The Day You Were Born


A woman who gives birth is herself born a second time It touched my souls depths and inspired this ...

3    314 20

Get up And Fight

Children Inspirational

Fight now, fight all, fight hard to get back all that has been gone Show the world your remarkable ...

2    233 20

The Trap


It begs for your attention It begs for your all You doubted the hesitation Now you can’t stand ta...

1    388 15

Ode To The Chattahoochee River

Abstract Children

Strolling on the grass by the Chattahoochee, I stop by a swing near a hammock-clad tree.

1    226 5

Seasons - The Metamorphosis

Abstract Classics

The earth has its own story of nature’s treason, But the heart reveres no time and heeds no season,

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