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Juggling In A Circus
Juggling In A Circus

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Have you ever felt like you are in a circus, juggling with many things at a time or walking on that tight rope trying to find your balance? Have you ever felt like a clown whose job is just to entertain others or the trained animals who follows the instructions of their masters assertively? If yes, you are not alone in this circus.

A juggler is an entertainer who continuously tosses into the air and catches a number of objects so as to keep at least one in the air while handling the others. The fact is that even I’m struggling and juggling a lot of balls in the air, so that not even a ball falls on the ground. But the ground reality is that, in order to entertain this world of yours, sometimes it leads to collision of the balls, sometimes the balls get dropped from my hands and at times, it drops on my own head so badly that I end up creating a mess of my own.

If you are doing it well, they will overload you with more balls to juggle with. If you are low in performance, you will be thrown out of the circus. In either way, you are going to lose yourself, your value, your identity.

Don’t keep juggling. You are neither a juggler nor a clown, and this life of yours is not a circus. You are not a Superwoman either and don’t expect to be one. Folks, lower your expectations as she has her own pace of doing things. You are not here to please and entertain all, with a heart break of yours. Give yourself a break. Go out. Take some rest. Pamper and treat yourself. If you will not, then who else will? The ring master!

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