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Epitome Of Love
Epitome Of Love

© Ila Varma


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I feel as if the whole episode is of yesterday etched in my memory,
intact and fresh... the reminisce of my granny, whom I addressed "IYA".
When I gained senses, I recognized her only, she had not borne me but
she was my everything and I couldn't live without her for a second... she
was my Mother, Guardian, Granny, friend and all the best relations that
I could enjoy... I didn't even recognize my Mom who had borne me... I
slept in Iya's lap and woke up in her arm... would love her cuddling in
her soft arms... which were actually wrinkles but I loved to feel and
touch her soft hands and would wrap me around her neck. She too was
much fond of me and pampered me a lot and fulfilled all my wishes, what
else could I ask for, I got everything that I demanded.

I saw this world with her eyes and her bedtime stories were wonderful
which led me into the fantasy world and thereafter in peaceful slumber. I
learned to walk by holding her slender fingers which clutched me tight
when I missed my steps and took care that I don't fall and get hurt.

She was my guide, my mentor and helped me to decipher the worldly
things, taught me the traditions and culture of our family and raised me
inculcating good habits and manners and shaped me such that I could adjust
in all circumstances though at times I was reluctant to accept the
things but she knew the way of tackling and tackled me such that I
agreed with her.

I saw myself in her, in a way my features more or less resembles with
her thoughts; her features were sharper. We both confided in each
other a lot and shared our secret, laughed on silly jokes and could
never imagine life without her.

Years rolled by and she left for the heavenly abode after my marriage.
I cried my heart out but still I had to accept the fact of life. We
meet to part one day and how hard we try we can't stop from losing. I
lost her physically, but the memories of the time spent together are
fresh which I cherish till today; the invaluable treasures of my life.

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