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No I Can't to Yes I Can
No I Can't to Yes I Can

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Life is like closing and opening your eyes.We can't guess what will happen in that second.Have you ever thought that if Larry Page and Sergey Brin sits idle and thinks that they can't do anything,whether the biggest search engine will be found?If you ask me then my answer will be 'No'. Then how were they able to get success in their life is the question in everyone's mind right now.

Yes! you guessed it right. The answer for your question is inside your question itself. Everything arises from mind whether to do it or not, whether to go there or not, whether to buy it or not ,whether I am able to do it or not? Confusion statements in life!

In everyone's life there might be someone who changed your way of thinking,stood with you to motivate you, to inspire the successful person inside you. By hearing this everyone have the thought that whether someone in our life can change the way of thinking and make us successful or not right? Yes! You guessed it right.

I am taking you to a small moment in my life which I guess it's very apt for the situation.Years ago during my school days my parents decided to change my school and I was really upset as I was going to miss the school.But as it was my parents decision I agreed and we went to Amrita Vidyalayam, which is located in a small town in Kerala.

There I had my entrance test to get admission in the school. With the bad handwriting and fear whether I will get admission or not,I faced the test. Surprisingly, I got selected and it was the start for the change.

For every school children, a teacher is someone always angry or you are afraid off?Many of you may not accept this statement and will tell in mind after reading this line that "No,we weren't!!". It's okay,but I guess atleast for someone like me the answer will be Yes!Right? In the new school I got a Guru(Teacher in English) who had already taken a place in my mind from the first day of admission in the school,I don't know how to explain that whenever she taught me I got the inspiration to work hard and felt that I can achieve success.

As days goes on she became like a mother to me. She motivated me to participate in school events, she found the hidden talents in me and gave the confidence to face any struggle that come in front of me in my life with always having positive hope in mind.

She never taught me "This should be done", instead she taught "How to do it". Now also remembering the sentence she always keep on telling to motivate the hidden me. Brief of what she tells is, if we need to do something tomorrow today is the day for the great start. We may fail once,twice or thrice,but from those failures you need to learn and move on, aiming your successful future.

Years after,now when I am writing this story my eyes are filled with tears of joy.Because of her motivation and inspiration to gain success in my life, I fought with my struggles and achieved success which I aimed and moving on with the same thoughts still now.

If an average student like me can make some changes in my life with someones motivation,then what about those talented ones who are reading this,have you ever think about the miracle which you can do! There is only You can,No can't in our life.....

I turned a page in my life's book from "No I can't" to, "Yes I can" Now its your turn.Go for it.....

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