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A New Old Friendship

A New Old Friendship

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Ronald, with his dog, Manny was in the park chilling around and thinking about past few years full of struggle and now he's too well settled, all of a sudden he saw Marie approaching him. He was shocked to see her because it's been years he even met her. He was totally new to this city and barely knew anyone.

Ronald and Marie were very fast friends until a misunderstanding broke out between two. It was strange for all of the office members because no one ever saw them fighting in that bad way. No one expected that such a good friendship will turn out into the poison of hatred. Marie suspected that Ron betrayed her by releasing their secret project plan to one of the colleagues, Rajan. Although Ron kept denying this allegation but none of them believed him because Rajan himself opened up in front of all. Moreover, Rajan got benefitted and was even promoted through that particular project. Ronald resigned and left the city in search of a new job.

After so many years, the stir came into the stagnant water of their friendship. He saw Marie along with her cat coming up to him and he stood there, frozen, reminiscing.

Marie waved him, "Hey Ronald! Long time, no see".

Ron said, "How are you? How's your business?"

"I resigned, Rajan stole one of my projects, even he was the one who stole our project too", Marie said.

Ron was too shocked to hear this. "I'm honestly so apologetic, I can't even say sorry, Ron", Marie said with a cracking voice as if she's about to cry.

Ron was deeply hurt by that incident but he already moved on, he actually felt bad for Marie and said, "don't be sad, it wasn't really your fault, that was just a misunderstanding".

Marie and Ronald reconciled. The spell of misunderstanding used by Rajan for his own purpose kept two of them apart for so many years, especially the guilt Marie had in her mind kept weakening her soul for so long.

Instead of discussing that matter among themselves, she kept on suspecting him. Lack of trust made Rajan more strong in his wicked game.

Ron asked Marie to join him for an evening coffee and both of them started a new chapter of friendship once again which was stuck amidst guilt, revenge, and lack of trust now paved a way to a more strong bond of theirs.

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