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Who Is Standing In Your Way?
Who Is Standing In Your Way?

© Samriddh Singh


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The morning started with cluck sound of hen an orange sun and end of a dreamy night.

Mr. Prabhakar is officer in a private coke agency. He woke up saying “morning I hate it” he became ready for office put his white shirt and black coat and ate a meal.

He arrived in his ambassador facing traffic of Delhi. He stopped in 65 d Gandhi block also he took lift till 7th floor and walked till 9th room.

He opened the gate and sat on his movable chair. All of sudden he saw something on his table surrounded with ribbon, it was a letter by a goodwiller.

He started reading it “dear friend Prabhakar I am your goodwiller and this is just to inform you that the person and the employ because of whom you are not getting promotion is no more. If you wish to see him you must come at 27 a beakers street 38 room. Till 1 hour”

All the employees got this kind of letter with different address. Without wasting a second they arrived to the given address.

They saw a shroud covered with white cloth they all were one side sad because somebody died but on other side they were happy because now no one is standing in their path. They went close and removed the white cloth from that shroud. They were shocked and embarrassed on themselves!!

There was nothing in the shroud expect a mirror in which they were watching their own reflection.

In same way we all blame others, situation and other things for our condition but

The only thing standing in your path is you

path promotion dead happy

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