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Inspiring Stories Of My Life
Inspiring Stories Of My Life

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A person's life is an ocean of opportunities from which you have to choose something that will inspire other people, urge them to do something different. It should set you apart and make you and your work memorable even after you leave the world                                                                                                       

Your inspiration need not be a super rich person who walks around with tons of security, wears fancy and expensive clothes and has a big house and a garage full of cars. It can be anyone you look up to,your househelp,the public sweeper, your favorite actor or singer.

From the beginning of my time in this world my parents have been my greatest inspiration. They are my heroes. My dream might be different from theirs but their life story inspires me to pursue my dream and work hard. Parents are naturally every child's inspiration that is why this is the life story of my two other inspirations.

Lionel Messi one of the greatest footballers and even called a legend by many. He had a rough youth which took a lot of courage to overcome. He was born to a factory steel cleaner and a mother who did odd jobs at people's houses. His father was a part time coach for a football team for which he played. At the age of 10 or 11 he was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency and was told by the doctor that the operation would be costly. Poor as they were his family could not afford to pay for the surgery. He continued playing for the local team that his father coached with this new added pressure. He was the smallest player on the field but this did not stop him from also being the best and fastest player on the field.Many teams were impressed by his talent but did not recruit him because of his height problem. One such team offered to pay the medical bills and the debt got paid off by the many trophies he has won for his team. He started his career at the age of 17.He still continues to dominate and once even managed to steal a header from Cristiano Ronaldo who is much taller than him. He is the heart of whatever team he plays for. His national team Argentina was not able to qualify for the world cup as he was not part of the squad but as soon as he returned he showed his magic and went on a streak helping them win game after game. The coaches of his rival teams cannot enjoy their goals as they know Messi will counter strike and defeat them. Messi's story is one that inspires me and should inspire all. I love playing football and thinking about his speed with the ball and his skills makes me want to dribble faster and score.

Logan Paul is a famous Youtuber with the fastest growing channel in the world. He is an actor and an internet sensation. He grew up in Ohio expecting nothing but a normal life ahead. He played a lot of sports and due to his height and good build was really good at wrestling and rugby. His little brother Jake was really competitive and competed with him in every sport. Seeing the competition between them, their dad bought them a video camera each to record the way they played and then watch back and improvise on their flaws. He had an injury which resulted in him having to undergo knee surgery which ended the chance of a career in sports. He was furious by the thought of this so he wrote down on a piece of paper that no matter what he would be more successful than his friends. He decided to start a Youtube channel with his brother at the age of 15 but was embarrassed by what his friends thought so deleted it and regretted it. Later he started making videos on vine which was the peak of his career. He became famous and after vine got shut down he started YouTube. He used this platform to make crazy and fun videos. His rivalry with his brother can be observed in this field too. Today he has a massive following called the 'Logang' and is an influential figure all over the world. Not only this but he is a people's favorite too as he stops and takes pictures with fans and does not mind interacting with them. He helped sponsor a kid's cancer surgery as the kid's parents could not afford it. He has reached this place because he does not care about what others think of him. He is not afraid to do different from what the normal people are doing and want him to do. He has the maverick spirit, if people go right he will go left. He inspires me to do something different and not be afraid of what my friends think or anyone else does. If I respect my own actions others will too.

All of these people who inspire someone share a quality. They are all humble and their goals are common. These people lead me on in life and inspire me. Choose your inspiration, someone who makes your heart beat faster and makes you chase after your dreams. People like my brother and many others look up to me for inspiration hence I have to be at my best at all time to not let them down.

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