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It Was Me
It Was Me

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Running after a huge crowd, forcing myself to do the same . Have realized that a little of it is inside me but not those little things could lead to step higher. I was never forced for something, was allowed to do whatever I wanted to see myself as , in future. But the thing that was stuck in my head was the fulfillment of the wishes that he had, that my Dad had from the very beginning. I miss those moments when he use to sit with me, and made me count the benefits of becoming an engineer.The missing memories because perhaps that wont come again.

He was happy the day I decided to get a coaching for the same, I was glad too, I could imagine myself as an engineer and my father hugging me.

Spent day and night with books, no phones.. no nothing.

But he came, he came, we met we gossiped and my heart went on. I was liking him, I was wanting him to be with me, we were in contact earlier as well but now the things have changed, whatsapp had done things to me.

Not a single night was left without talking to him.

We met for so long, the things were hidden from the family. Even he was preparing for IIT, somewhere or the other dreams of both of us was way different. We wanted to crack but we didn't want to pursue the streams in our future.

The result was none of us cleared the exam, I was depressed but he gave me strength , he knew what capabilities I carry. Fought for 1 more year with myself, he achieved his dream to see himself as chef and I was still waiting.

I was waiting when am i going to achieve what i wanted and the day came , went to give NIFT exam , things were clear , the exam wasnt good because i wasnt even aware of the paper pattern. One Month, Two months and yes the results are out.

Yaay!!! I cleared !!!!i cracked the exam !!!

No happiness in the family, silence all around, but he was really enthusiastic, he motivated me every morning to evening, dear you are getting what you wanted from so many years. Just a single step to go and your dreams will be in your hand.

Situation Test

Really worried , have no idea , no preparation no nothing , a single hope if i get into this , i will be able to meet him every day. Every weekend is going to be crazy and yes a great future for my parents.

The things went well , quite satisfactory!!

Again , a long wait for the results and yes I cleared this too.

" More than anyone else I am really thankful to him for having such a faith and my dearest Papa who had let me walk into such a beautiful environment".

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