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The Infinite Power Of The Mind
The Infinite Power Of The Mind

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Swami Vivekananda quoted,

“The external ear is but the instrument for carrying the vibration of sound inward to the center. Yet, that is not sufficient. Suppose in your library you are intently reading a book, and the clock strikes, yet you do not hear it. The sound is there, the pulsations in the air are there, the ear and the center are also there, and vibrations have been carried through the ear to the center, and yet you do not hear it. What is wanting? The mind is not there. “

All organs must sense the external world and captivate the infinite beauty, the charisma created by the Supreme Being. But it is important to understand that eye is not the real organ, it is just the instrument of vision. The real organ lies within our external form –the mind which is termed as the sixth sense, something that lives even when the body crumbles into dust. External world has no light of its own, it is not self-luminous. One has to be rooted deeply with roots of reality to understand life more deeply. Without mind, the impression taken by the organ has no sense as we are not conscious of it.

The mind is described as flicking and is unstable by nature. It is like the prism. Thoughts strike it and when uncontrolled these negative thoughts can even dirty and spoil the beauty of prism. When we look deeply within our soul-our atma, we see the divine light-the virtual existence, the one who is omnipresent and omnipotent, the Supreme Being, the Ultimate. He resides within us. The one who should discover this Paramatma is our mind. It is said that “Man is the puppet at the hands of the mind.” Thus controlling the mind is necessary. Even Shri Krishna tells Arjun that mind is the creator and the controller. To lead a good life, one must control it else it will overtake us. Krishna told “Hey Parth, man’s body resembles a chariot “,

where the charioteer is our mind which drives the chariot. Horses are the Indriyas, the senses and the master of the chariot is our soul. Horses and charioteer if attracted by the worldly pleasures, drives the chariot in the wrong direction making us the slaves of our uncontrolled mind.

It is common for human beings to use their past experiences in deciding whether something is possible or not. But the fact is that whatever has evolved over time in this universe other than the Almighty's creation is created by man. If the past, man would have thought of the task as impossible, then one must ponder on how would have the evolution taken place. Such negative thoughts are a disgrace to humanity. There is nothing called impossible as impossible itself says " I m possible". First of all what is possible and what is not is not our business at all. We must just organize all the dimensions, our mind in that one positive thought we wish to accomplish, and then those streams of positive thoughts would manifest into great phenomenal things.

Every human being is seeking for pleasant surrounding inside as well as outside and the power of making the impossible possible. When one accepts the fact that this incredible power lies within all of us, and works towards it, one completes oneself. By excessing that dimension by peeping inward rather than worldly pleasures, one can transform himself from just a piece of the creator to the creator himself.


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