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University Life
University Life

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University LIFE!! 

When I was hunting college last two years after graduating from school, Delhi University was what I chose. So this is where the DU story began. Kalindi College, it turned out to be and I’am happy I made this choice. DU is basically a school after school. All of the course syllabus are pre-decided and have been carrying on like that since ages. There is so much of free time that you can run a regular business along with it. Believe me or not, DU is actually a research university. There is very high one-on-one teacher student interaction. You can just stop and talk to your Professor . May be it happens in every university but I personally did not expect this. People of DU scare me. North Easterners- They are the most colourful people. I personally love their dressing sense and the way they keep themselves. They are pretty cool. DU Girls- No, ‘’DU ki bandiyaan’' not all are hot model. They are people , like you and me. DU is a very strange place, believe me, what you wear, what you do, what you eat, you move around, No one cares. It’s true for every place I guess. On winter evening there is no place more beautiful than the college campus. Believe me ,  You will fall in love.

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