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Stalking Me!!
Stalking Me!!

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Fantasy Others Thriller

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Once, during an evening walk, on side of the road, I saw the most elegant girl in the world. This was the second time I saw her on the same road. Without any second thought, I followed my heart and said to her, “I like you. Sorry, I love you." She simply smiled.

I didn't understand what the smile meant. Later on, we began conversing and ended up with sharing each other'numbers. We started meeting in places like malls, book shops, coffee shops, restaurants, parks etc.

One day I messaged her, “Where are you my little girl?” Within seconds, I got a reply: “I came to buy some books. Will be back within 15 minutes, my little boy." I texted her back asking for her exact location and within 5 minutes I reached her place. Her face lit up like a moon when she saw me and she asked, “Why you came? I told you I will be back in 15 mins.”

“My little girl, I can’t leave you alone. I can’t stay even a minute without you,I replied. Tears gently trickled down from her eyes. I took her in my arms and we cuddled each other. After that we left for our own house. On my way home, I received whatsapp notification saying that I received an image from little girl. I tapped on the notification. Within a second, full image flashed on my screen. I stood appalled after seeing that image. In that picture, I saw my little girl following me. In the next second I get message from my little girl: “I am following you since a week without your knowledge. I love you my little boy.”

I was surprised. I asked, "How did you click this pic?" She replied back saying that she took the pic with the help of her friend.


Suddenly, my alarm started buzzing. I woke up and checked my mobile. I saw that neither there were any messages or any image. Then I realised that it was my dream.

I remember her name is Sanvi.

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