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The Life Of  Average Students
The Life Of Average Students

© Shivam Yadav


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The Life of  Average Students

By Shivam Yadav

It's a story about the average students. What they think! What they feel and face in real life. Why is it so that they are looked upon as failures even if they are not ....they are average. Not scoring 95% in their exams makes them feel like sh*t. Why is everyone judged on the same ground even if we all know that all our fingers are not the same? Why is it so that those parents who are demanding 90+ marks from their students should have to tell that how much they got? We all know that education is a drop in the ocean called life but still people judge intelligence merely on our board marks or the college we got admitted into. Look carefully and you will get numerous examples of people who were called average but they made their life memorable. The tragedy is that people don't tell your qualities instead they put your mistakes and faults in front of you. And when you will talk of the concepts of following your heart and go for your dreams they all will call you a fool even if they will be reading a bundle of motivational and moral ethics books. We all know that from a class of thirty students only three will be rank holders but what about the other 27! They are treated as hell not in their families but in class rooms, too. They call themselves teachers? But they don't even know the meaning of a teacher as when you are not going to score well in their subjects it seems that they will shoot you! They don't understand that they are also masters of only one subject and how they expect a student to master all the subjects. I don't want to criticise them but it's a fact! One has his own strengths and weaknesses. People should understand this! What an average student wants and needs to improve is there in this story . Oh, I am not talking about motivation and all that stuff, but besides it,  what they need in reality. The boy in the story himself faced the situations and knew what helped him actually to be out of this circle of competition instead he became the competition for others. Actually all the those who come to motivate you! Oh, sorry that's scolding not motivating, I know you will agree. They themselves will need motivation after reading this because a student with 95 marks has a scope of only 5 marks to add to their mark sheet but a student with 60 marks can bag up 40! So cheer up guys, you are going to rock! Don't worry I will tell you how.


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