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Anita Dash

Abstract Children Stories Inspirational

From A Mother's Desk

From A Mother's Desk

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Do you feel anger, a feeling of revenge when your mother blames you for nothing? Maybe you have been thinking that your greatest enemy is her while it comes to scolding you when you are in your mid-teens. Have a look at here.

The gardener feels guilty seeing the retardation of his/her healthy young seedling. He Tries to feed it with more manure, care, and keep his most affectionate corner of love on that weak plant always. If possible, he hammers the barren soil around it in order for the plant to be known as a big tree in the future.

The mother polar bear cares a lot for her newborn baby. But when the baby becomes a little grown-up, she changes her behavior towards her Kid. There occurs a change where she eventually throws her kid from the cliff of the snowy mountain until the tod becomes a perfect climber. She does this because is the experienced one about the unexpected snowstorms. That's why she becomes cruel while guiding her child's climbing to make her safe from future storms and any obstacles.

Not only the nurturer and provider become a bit harsh for the development of their offspring, but also, they are careful about the other elements which try to pull the legs of their younger ones.

The gardener wipes out the harmful creepers from his most nurtured plants in order to save them from destruction. At that time the plants, nurtured may misunderstand the gardener as being cruel to them by detaching them from their then bosom friends i.e. the creepers, but gradually realize the very good motive of their caretaker.

Likewise, most caring mothers are misunderstood most of the time. She is thought of treating, mocking, and losing her tantrums most of the time when it comes to her child’s point of view. Going to another yet live example;

The mother eagle gets angry if her kid hides herself in the caves with the other common birds when storms arise. This is because she can't bear with the underutilization of her kid's ability to fly to the farthest horizon above the storms. Hence, unable to hold on to the fire in her, she speaks to her child, “Look! My dear, you aren’t just a bird, you are an eagle. The humans know us for being strong, fierce yet kind, and confident. A saying goes, birds of a feather flock together, try to be with people who will improve you than to pull you down”.

In this case, the mother eagle should not be misinterpreted as making comparisons. The most caring mothers can never tolerate their child to underestimate or underutilized herself. She has already been learned from her early experiences of life. She wants the all-round development of her kid.

She gets poorly fragmented as and when is being misunderstood by her own kid. Being a human being and being offended with the blessings of conscience you must have to explore yourself to make the best use of your intellectual resources.

My Children, A Strong Motherhood, should never be misunderstood.

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