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I Love My Nation
I Love My Nation

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I am basically from Haryana and the story is about when I got a chance to work with an NGO in Nashik. When I arrived there, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe the amount of animals that were living on the streets and the poor people begging for money. I needed some time to become acquainted to our country but after a while I had a completely different view. I was overwhelmed by the incredible hospitality in India. My friends invited me to their homes, took us to nice places, always helped us when we needed their help, a foreigner even offered me to make a call with his mobile phone. Every evening we sat together, having fun. I had never experienced so much of cheerfulness in so many people. The people are more reserved when they meet a stranger and they need more time to become close with someone. Being very open-minded, I just loved this kind of lifestyle, every day, we made new friends.

My best experience was celebrating the Ganpati Festival, I never saw so many people having so much power and delight for an event in any country. I really enjoyed the feeling of solidarity and team spirit. What I didn’t like in the beginning was the unpunctuality. The people in India are more relaxed and their priority is to just enjoy life. Isn’t it a better attitude towards life? Today, I came to know the reason; why there are so many people want to spend their life in India.


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