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I Am My Daddy'S Princess
I Am My Daddy'S Princess

© Ratika Bhardwaj


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Yesterday, it was raining heavily and my father wasn’t at home for the whole day as he went out for some work. He was entirely wet when he returned back to home. He picked out the wallet from his pocket,kept it on my bed and went to change clothes. I was laying their on bed and suddenly got a thought to check his wallet. It was startling and yet remarkable juncture which left me in tears and a wide smile on my face.
I saw my passport sized photo which he has kept in his wallet. I was never aware about this thing. Though, this picture was taken  last year when I had to fill admission form for my admission in a college. I didn’t notice when he kept one of these passport sized photos in his wallet.
I do remember once, I asked him that why one photo is missing out of 26. He comforted me by saying that there were only 25. May be  that was the time when he kept it with him hiding from me.I kept on staring at the picture whispering ,”I Love You,Dad”; till my father came back after dressing in night suit.I suddenly kept the wallet aside.
I asked  him, “You have kept my picture in your wallet. Why?”
There was a pause for some seconds as he got puzzled by my question and replied, “Yes.”
I questioned, ” You miss me?”
He replied instantly, “How can I and your mom live without you? You are our life. I have kept this picture so that you can always be near to my heart and never get out of my thoughts. Whenever I open my wallet, its you who I can see first.”
I again questioned,”But, if I am far than obviously you both would be worrying about me as if I am taking my meals or not,studying or not, well or not,happy or not? You always care about me and I am always in your thoughts. Right?”
He replied, “Baby, you live far from us and we love you and by keeping your picture in my wallet, I always get a good feeling knowing that you are my  love and wherever I go keeping this wallet in my pocket, I feel that you are always with me. As I told you, you are my life.”
I was left speechless and ended the conversation by replying, “I love you more”.

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