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Rs.100 Became A Life Changer
Rs.100 Became A Life Changer

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My summer vacations started from 12th of April, so my dad decided to give a visit to Tulzapur. Time was not very good at that time as customers were not able to pay the charges of the work that my dad did for them. So we were in a bit shortage of money but still my dad took us at Tulzapur. We all went inside and took darshan of Goddess 'Bhavani'. Then as we were about to leave the temple, an old lady came to my dad and asked for some money. She looked too weak and very hungry so without thinking of anything my dad gave her Rs.100, so that she could eat something and as my dad gave her money, he also took her blessings because he has a lot of respect for old people. As that old lady kept her hand on my dad's head my dad got a phone call from the employee of our office saying two customers payed their left over payment and one of the customer is visiting our office to explain us the parts of the new project he is going to give us.

My dad's expression turned to be very amazed. He looked very pressure free now. He was not able to believe that just a single Rs.100 note changed his life from sadness to happiness. He was just to thank the old woman but found out that she was not there. We all tried to find her but were unable and finally gave up. Still my dad and our whole family is very thankful of that old women. Sometimes I feel that Goddess Bhavani was present in that old woman. Nobody would believe that but still I feel so. So this is how 100 rupees can change your life, so just one thing to say, "Think positive and help needy people and then God will help you in your further future."

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