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Today is a dark day indeed. It’s one of those depressing days when you feel miserable as you reflect on your life and your choices. You keep introspecting and hoping that you had taken the road not taken. I guess you get the drift. Yeah, today is one of those days. One of those days when you are in a blue mood and your life is a Living Nightmare. You keeping slapping yourselves hoping you would wake up, but all you achieve is a stinging cheek.

We humans may make miraculous drugs for treating the most lethal of diseases, but truly they will never be any remedy for sorrow. I walk up to the park, hoping against hope that I would find solace in the loving arms of nature. I sit down on a bench and look at children playing hopscotch and running after squirrels. They seem happy, content and satisfied with their lives. They put sand in their mouths, eat Sandwiches with dirty hands and play around in the muck. My rational mind immediately jumps to passing thoughts about how filthy those kids are. Are they not worried about the future? Is joy so important? Would they still be happy if they know they would still be sick? Then it strikes me. Our mortal lives are enveloped by dense fog that makes it impossible to see beyond your nose. Most Humans spend their lives groping around in the darkness. The more educated of our race train themselves up to hopefully see beyond the fog.

We humans have an untreatable obsession with knowing the future. Predicting the future is not an exact science. The future is a mystery and the past is history, all that matters is the present. As children, we have an innate understanding of this, but as we grow in age and understanding we seem to forget this. The present is a gift to be enjoyed and savored. Instead of constantly thinking ten years ahead we should try to consolidate what we have and be happy.

I realize that the day isn’t dark due to the absence of the Sun but is dark because the clouds obscure the sun. The sun is our present obscured and clouded by the fog of tomorrow and the failures of yesterday. The fog is only there because we worry all the time about our image in society, our failures, and our prospects without understanding that the present is slipping by all this time. Worrying all the time about the past and procrastinating about the future achieves nothing. Dark days Exist only in the confines of the human mind. The Mind deceives us all. Just smile and let the Sun rise.

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