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Dreams Unlimited
Dreams Unlimited

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I’m Zia, I live with my parents, sister and my dog in the next town. And I want to be a super model when I grow up’, said a chirpy voice in the class. Ms. Vincent, the class teacher of Class 2 was having an introduction session with the kinds on the 1st day of school. She heard several ambitions from the kids, some she thought were going to achieve that while others she thought, would change them as they would grow up. Zia’s dreams fell into the latter.

Thirteen years later, Zia a fresh graduate out of college with a job offer in one of the dream companies of her father. Her father has been the strict parent, guiding her and her sister with their life and career. He dreamt of a good education followed by a secured job for his daughters. Ultimately he had to marry them off. Zia’s sister followed suit and now she’s married to a successful businessman. It Zia’s turn now and she too did what her father wanted till now. But she had not forgotten her childhood dream, her wish to become a supermodel.

She went back home with the offer letter to discuss with her papa what she wanted in life and to seek permission. The answer was a big NO, and Zia had expected it earlier. Such has been the response in all the previous instances when she had shared her aspirantions with him. Today was her last chance to go for it.

After her father rejecting the idea for the umpteenth time, Zia took a long breath and sat infront of him. She opened her files and showed him snaps from all her stage performances in school, her preparation for the upcoming paegent and her performances in college. ‘Papa, give me one chance to fulfil my dreams and I will never disappoint you’, pleaded Zia. Her father left without saying a word.

Two days later her father came to her and said she gets only one chance to prove herself and fulfil her dreams. If she fails she’ll have to lead life according to his terms. That was like a breath of fresh air for Zia. Later she found out it took a lot of convincing on her mother and her sister’s part.

After that there was no stopping. Zia put her heart and soul in preparing for the upcoming contest. She participated and was waiting eagerly for the results to be announce. But her name was never announced among the selected. Heartbroken she left for home. Her dreams were shattered. After so much of pursuation, she failed. She was ashamed to face her father.

Next morning, the phone rang and her father picked up. He started calling out to Zia and the rest of the family. When everyone had gathered he said, ‘Zia has been selected for the next round in Mumbai, after special Jury recommendation. Let’s pack our bags.’

Zia was stunned to hear this, her mother and sister were euphoric. There was a satisfied smile on her father’s face too. But Zia didn’t waste time in celebration. She started plugging her loopholes and making herself better.

Its been two years after that and there has been no looking back. Zia is a successful name in the fashion industry. She is the most sought after in the industry. Her father is proud of Zia too. In the last two years he stood like a pillar beside her and supported in her journey. So he knows the amount of hardwork she had put in. Next month Zia is opening her academy to groom young girls and help them pursue their dreams in this field.

Now when she reflects back, she realises how turbulent her journey of dreams was. But she was adament and determined to realise it, and finally she has succeded in doing a part of it. She realises there’s a huge path of opportunities ahead of her and is ready to embark on it.

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