The Collateral (Part 1)

The Collateral (Part 1)

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'Fastest News Network Private Ltd.' headquarters, Editor in chief Soni Chhetri was telecasting her weekly show, "The Livehour".

"You can see them live, Captain Karan Singh is ordering our border security forces to withdraw. Even when this is no war condition and everything seems normal- Our borders have been left unsecured. What is going on?"

"We will return after a short break.Till then, be with your show,"The Livehour".

Soni got irritated with the repeated interruptions by her boss's secretary while the show was going on.

"Such a headache. Why were you calling me again and again when I was in the show?"

Secretary spoke in a haste, "Sorry, but boss wanted to meet you urgently in his office."

Soni glared, "In the mid of the show."

"Yes, come with me right now." Secretary held her hand and pulled her to the cabin.

As soon as they entered,Boss yelled - "Soni, how many times have I told you that be very cautious, explore every detail or at least ask me beforehand when you are going to broadcast national security issues. They are very sensitive. People can go wild; when in a rush,when they feel insecure."

Soni glimpsed into his eyes and gaining confidence, said, "But sir, this is what happened. Government is withdrawing forces. Defence weapons are left unattended. No one is even nearby.

I don't understand what all has been happening this whole week. Local police is not to be seen. Courts are enjoying more and more holidays. Groups and groups of foreign representatives are visiting our country. You tell sir, Parliamentary debates are not being telecast. Leaders are not coming upfront to answer us. Media is just wondering 'What kind of negotiations are going on!' about which no commons are allowed to know. We don't even know if this is good or bad for us." Soni expressed her worry.

Boss handled the situation," Yes, something strange is going to happen. I sense that. But even if that is the case, stop the telecast right now. I have got orders from the ministers."

Soni calmly asked, "Are they ministers anymore?"

Boss got irritated, said hastily "Maybe they are not. But you are still an employee. Go stop the show right now."

In a depressed tone, he whispered "Or Maybe put an end to it."

Soni nodded and left the cabin.

After finishing her office hours, Soni returned to her lone flat. It was a big flat, well furnished, well lighted. She opened the latch and jumped on the couch, took a deep sigh and and took out her phone to call mother.

"Mother everything around is too calm. Is it safe?"

At the same time, somewhere in a town. Kids of around 10-11 years of age were playing around. Monu was also supposed to play but he was not with the group. He was somewhat distant planning a grand prank for the group and was accompanied by his best friend, Rohan.

"Rohan, this will be really fun. Let's do this."

Monu ended with a grin.

They didn't notice when her cute little sister, Garima came.

"Monu bhaiya, father is calling you."

Monu ignored," Sorry cutie, not now."

"But he is very angry. You must go at once."

Monu got scared, "Oh! Rohan we will do do it next time,bye."

Monu held her sister's hand and rushed. Within few minutes, he reached.

He slowly and carefully pushed the half opened door.

But, his father noticed.

"Where were you wandering all the time? Your mischiefs are growing overburdening now."

Mother interrupted, in an amiable tone, "It's okay they will not do it next time." and took the kids to their room.

When she returned, kids took their position behind the curtain.

Father was speaking to himself.

"You people don't understand."

Mother tried to calm him but he ignored. Facing the mother he said," You know what happened in the factory today? I called the manager of the "Gold full Ltd." for the supplies and their reply was like, take all of their mines and extracts without a payment. He told that, he is just making arrangements for him and his family for leaving this country. He is leaving all the resources behind. Now you tell me what does that mean? In the news, they were saying that our security is at risk. I am very worried about you and the kids."

Mother took his hand, rubbing the hand slowly, she softly spoke

"Don't worry. We will be alright. We have you. It's fine."

Meanwhile in the president's office:

PM unfolding his hands proposed," So.. sir, shall we announce it to the nation's people."

President looked towards the officers, " What is the plan then."

Officer showed the flowmap, "Let's divide the country into two equal halves. We will gather people at two coasts, The left and the right. Left half will move towards the left. Each city with the time gap of 1 day. Central part will be the last to reach. We will be using our defence forces, local police and many of the government employees to monitor the mobilisation and safeguard any violence situation. Similarly, the right part reaches right coast. Let's hope for a smooth conduct."

President approved, " Okay then, Take the initiative. Tomorrow morning."

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