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Looking Back
Looking Back

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Today, when I'd look back at my fourteen year old self, losing it because of a silly heartbreak, there are only two things I'd say; one, that you'll make it, however tough it may seem, it's not impossible, nothing is, and two, life does not get easy growing up, it only gets tougher in today's superficial generation, with broken hearts and too many unsaid words, people running away from feelings and fighting different battles but never letting it show.

But here's the thing, there's a lot of good things which would happen to you; you'll make good friends, gather a thousand memories and you'll live many precious moments, you would be grateful for.

Life, my dear, summed up as a whole, is not like a clichè movie with perfect love and happy ending, instead it's like one of those underrated Imtiaz Ali movies, which you may not get at once, but as you mature with time, you'll know how it perfectly made sense for two people very much in love to drift apart due to certain circumstances, or friendships to break or not being able to talk to people every day or being able to care about someone even if you do not know how they're doing. And after all of this, once you make it, you'll know, life isn't easy or perfect but it's beautiful, and there is a lot left to explore and experience.

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