She Is A Global Girl

She Is A Global Girl

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She is a global girl

You bet I like her a lot

She's a polyglot

A team player,

A precious pearl.

She's a royal girl

With a bit of a curl

In and out of home

She works day and night

She smiles ever so right

Without any air or syndrome.

I like her out and out

I take a bow

She is the provider at home

At work, an expert, knows how

To balance her worlds

As she moves off and on

From Mumbai to Rome.

Her roads are tough, yet open and wide

She’s busy, but easy, she is my pride.

You see this girl now in every field

With her grit and her indefatigable spirit

She fights it out, but will never yield.

Her style is stunning

With her eyes and ears open

She’s always learning;

Her rocking journey is always on

She's down at times, never weak and forlorn

Chin up, head high,

She’s tad up and about.

She's a global girl

With a bit of a curl

And a winning smile

With her unique style

A polyglot, a team player

She has way to go…beyond any doubt.

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