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Be A Real Man

Be A Real Man

2 mins

The curves of her body are not for your hands to slide,

For that she buries herself under the pardahs, for them curves to hide.
Those two freaking eye balls follow her assets everywhere,
Buddy, you are not blessed with that pair, to just stop and stare!
Look at your mouth, drooling with lust,
Look at your eyes, aiming for her bust.
With that pair, milk she fed you with,
Little did she know, you will pay back throwing bottles of acid.
Nurturing since childhood, a constant fear
Being a girl is not easy, she swears!
Your harsh whistles, when enter her ears,
Your shameless intentions are crystal clear!
Her body does not invite you in anyway, even if she decides to expose,
For people like you, her doors of sexuality are always closed.
If this was your purpose to live, may god keep you unfertilized,
9 months of pain are not worth it, one day she will realize.
Your hands so eager, to pull her clothes down,
Murder her directly, than digging dungeons to bury her womanhood underground.
She never took birth to quench your desperation,
She is not a toy to play with, so filter your intentions.
She will walk past you naked, and dare you, not an eye should roll,
She will kick you off in that way, begging for manhood, will cry your soul.
Do not mistake her silence for acceptance,
Don’t mistake her inaction for her weakness.
You judge her by her clothes, and you were born naked in her arms,
You judge her by her curves, and she lost them all in giving birth to you
You judge her by her face, and look shame is what written on yours,
You judge her by her work, like you have anything better than to give your baseless judgments!!
One day her patience will end, and that will be your ‘judgment day’
That day for your misconduct, heavy price you will pay
Because, once she is done, you will know her strength,
For justice and her self-respect she will go to any length.
So stop being a pervert, and learn to respect,
This time, let the humanity within you, stand erect.
Forcing your will on hers, is not the right way to show
Be a real man,

And through your values she will know!!!

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