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Bijjal Maru


When Love Happens

When Love Happens

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When love happens

A crystal forms before the eyes,

Though transparent, lovingly deceives

Worldly things when seen through it,

Look kaleidoscopic like prismatic light.

Nature experiences a rebirth,

When he sees her familiar gait.

Winter brings frost-bite and hurt,

Without the warmth of his breath.

His kiss is icy-cold water,

Quenching thirst through and through.

Her touch is heaven's

most desired blessing to him.

Her flowing hair is silk and amber,

Like shining marbles dance his eyes.

I see them smile as they slumber!

whisper the gods with their heart's delight.

They know not caste or color or creed

Just the image cradled in mind's eye.

Gilded, never to disappear

Except when love is legally reared.

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